About Our Team

All of our advisors are security licensed and regulated by FINRA, and state regulatory bodies.  Each advisor holds securities licenses and recognized industry designations such as CFP, ChFC, and CLU.  In addition to their knowledge of financial planning, each advisor has achieved the designation of Certified Student Loan Advisor as approved by the CSLA board of standards.  The depth of understanding with regards to student debt repayment in combination with their expertise in financial planning make our services comprehensive and unique.

Income Driven Repayment is our brand name for products and services. We have offices in San Diego and Orange County, California and are happy to meet in person with clients.

We do NOT file student loan documents or provide services that you can accomplish free, at no cost, online at www.studentloans.gov.

Timely Support

We offer ongoing support programs to help you with student loan repayment plans. As your life changes, your finances change. This warrants a periodic evaluation of your loan repayment program.

Innovative Ideas

We help you create an innovative and personalized program to manage your student loans. Our goal is to help you minimize the long term cost and other financial implications of your choices.

Advanced Technology

Our analysis tools help you make the best choices for repaying your loans today and in the future. Our financial advisors use our tools to reduce expense and create smart strategies.

Clear Speak

Student loan programs are complex and the rules can be confusing. Our advisors are trained to help you clearly understand the impact of these programs and the plan for your repayment.