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The Student Loan Repayment Advisor

Student loan in default?

If you have loans in default, the solution may be simpler than you think. Subscribe to our problem solving decision guides. Stop the worry and the collection calls.

Certified student loan advisors work with you to help solve problems

Certified Student Loan Advisors

Get professional help from someone who has your best interest in mind, year after year. Only trust your student loan strategy to a Certified Student Loan Advisor (CSLA).

Need lower payments?

Surprised at the high loan payments? Just out of school, out of work, underemployed and getting paid less than you expected? Our guides will show you programs to help.

Student Loan Payments to Fit Your Budget

Reliable Answers & Strategies

Get help making the right decisions based on your personal situation. We offer free and assisted help in solving loan problems and creating strategies for your future.

Still in school and worried ?

Worried about how you are going to deal with loan payments after graduation? Now is the time to have a strategy in your budget and the right repayment program.

Personalized Student Loan repayment plans

Creating a Plan Unique to YOU

We take time to understand you, your goals and future plans. You need a loan repayment strategy that works WITH you, not against your financial goals.


Confused about which repayment plan is best for you ?

confused about which student loan repayment is best?

Are you making the best financial choices ?

Financial analysis for your best student loan repayment program

Confused about your next steps ?

Are you confused about what to do about your student loan?

In School ? Plan For Repayment

Student loan planning for those in school

Are you still in school and concerned about your repayment options after graduation? We can help you understand which program is best for your financial situation. Complete the form to get free information about planning your repayment strategy.

Already Making Payments?

Out of school and payments too high? Programs can help reduce your payment

Are you out of school and in repayment? Make sure you are in the best program for your financial situation. And when changes occur to income, family size, job type, etc., we can help you re-set.

Request more information by completing this form.  We’ll send you helpful guides, tips and videos that explain how to make the best of your student loans.

Listen To What Our Client’s Say

Jennifer, MD

Jennifer, MD

I had been deferring hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical school loans all throughout residency and was facing some pretty hefty bills after graduation. The Advantage Group was able to help me find loan repayment options that decreased both the amount of my payments and the amount of my loans that I was paying back overall. They were very responsive to our needs and really took the time to work with us. Without this help, repaying my loans would have been a serious hardship on me and my family.

Meghan, DVM

Meghan, DVM

After graduating from veterinary school, my student debt was standing in the way of the life that I wanted. I began working with The Advantage Group 2010 to help me reduce the burden of my loans and give me a complete understanding of the federal programs available to me. Three years later, not only do I have the piece of mind that my student debt is being controlled and managed through a financial plan, but I have been able to achieve the dream of running a veterinary practice. My experience has been so great that I have referred friends and co-workers to The Advantage Group. If you are uncertain about your loan repayment options, or how you can still achieve your life’s goals when faced with student debt, I highly recommend talking to The Advantage Group.



After graduation from law school, the reality of my substantial student loan debt set in.  I didn’t have a plan of attack and it was very unsettling to have a large debt looming.  The Advantage Group guided me through the decision process and answered all of my questions along the way.  They are knowledgeable with respect to the repayment options and created a plan that is just right.  Working with The Advantage Group has given me great peace of mind.

Lucas, PT, DPT

Lucas, PT, DPT

After completing physical therapy school, I had a lot of student loans that I didn’t know how to begin paying off. The Advantage Group helped me to clearly understand the options that I had for loan repayment, and then guided me through the process of planning my loan payments.  A year later, I am still very satisfied with my experience with The Advantage Group, as they continue to update and guide me through my student loan plan based on my changing finances.  I highly recommend The Advantage Group for professionals who want to get out from under excessive student debt.

Get Answers and Ongoing Support

Get Free Loan Guides

Get the help you need from professionals who can provide quality financial advice based on your complete financial picture.

Our support can be with you throughout the life of your loans by way of annual consultations. That means answering questions and providing professional advice as life changes and financial pictures shift.

You will receive several emails to guide you through making decisions about your loans. If you need more help, we offer private one-on-one consultations here.

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Delivered To Your Inbox

  • How you can solve your loan issues without high fees
  • Before hiring a third party, the questions you MUST ask
  • How to get and keep your accurate loan data every year
  • What you must do every year you have a student loan
  • How to decide which repayment program is best for you
  • The penalties and costs you need to know if you’re married
  • Why your payments could rapidly increase and what to do
  • Why your tax and financial advisor may be misguiding you
  • Why consolidating your loans could be a huge mistake
  • What you need to ask the person helping with your loans

The How and Why For Your Loans

  • The risks, rewards of myths of income based repayment
  • The differences you need to know in each repayment plan
  • What you need to know about student loan forgiveness
  • How to consolidate your loans – and if it’s best for you
  • How to choose between IBR, PAYE, ICR loan programs
  • Why annual income documentation reporting is important
  • How to do all of the work yourself and pay ZERO $
  • Why you should protect your FAFSA Pin
  • And more ….
Technical analysis of your student loans to help revise your repayment

Our financial analysis reviews your current and future plans along with the current status of your loans. Then we explain your best options to repay to match your financial situation and goals.

helpful guides to resolve student loan problems

About Us – Certified Student Loan Advisors

We are CLSA’s and created the program to teach financial professionals (CFP, CPA, and others) how to advise clients who have student loans. Get help from professionals who understand the complexities of student loans.

If you have a complex situation or just want some personal help deciding your best next steps, we accept appointments for online private student loan advising. You’ll get the honest truth and solid recommendations.

Try our online decision guide. It’s a great step to see what direction you might take with your loans. Consolidate? IBR, ICR, PAYE? How do you know what options are available? Our decision guide can help. Or you can schedule a consult with us.

Schedule Your Consultation

Our certified advisors can help you with your best repayment strategy. Gain clarity about all of your repayment options. If you have a problem such as default we can explain how to resolve it. Click here to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

Personal Advisors help you with a repayment strategy for your student loan